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Richard Ashton, Barbara Leppard

Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology 5th New edition

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Prekės kodas: 9780367085971
Richard Ashton, Barbara Leppard
CRC Press
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DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS IN DERMATOLOGY Fifth Edition RICHARD ASHTON, MA, MD, FRCP, Consultant Dermatologist, Lighthouse Clinic, Isle of Wight, UK, formerly Consultant Dermatologist to the Royal Navy BARBARA LEPPARD, DM, FRCP, Retired Consultant Dermatologist, Southampton University NHS Trust, UK The ethos of this bestselling text is that however much or little you know about skin disease you can always arrive at the right diagnosis. The secret is to examine the surface of the rash or skin lesion which will help you classify the clinical features correctly - colour, surface features, type of lesion, border and how long it has been present. Algorithms throughout each chapter give the differential diagnosis for the features you have elicited. Accompanying clinical photographs and clear descriptions of the conditions will enable you to check whether you are right or not. If your choice seems unlikely, any conditions that could be confused with the one you selected are listed along the base of the algorithm to help you compare diagnoses so that you can get to the right answer. We hope this new edition - enhanced with specific instructions on treatment - will be the only quick clinical reference you will ever need for dermatology diagnoses. With over 1000 illustrations.

1 Introduction to dermatological diagnosis 2 Introduction to dermatological treatment 3 Hairy scalp 4 Acute erythematous rashes on the face 5 Chronic erythematous rashes on the face 6 Mouth, lips, tongue & ear 7 Acute erythematous rashes on the trunk & limbs 8 Chronic erythematous rashes on the trunk & limbs 9 Non-erythematous lesions 10 Flexures 11 Genitalia and perineum 12 Lower legs 13 Hands and feet 14 Nails General index List of drugs and associated drug reactions Classification of topical steroid by potency Emollient products - how and when to use Wash products & bath emollients Summary of types of wound and dressings to use Debriding agents Reducing bacterial counts and odour Absorption of exudate Wound and ulcer dressings Index of algorithms Non-erythematous lesions Erythematous lesions inside back cover

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