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Mary Sanderson

Soft Tissue Release: A Practical Handbook for Physical Therapists

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Prekės kodas: 9781913088293
Mary Sanderson
Lotus Publishing
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Svoris: 0,390 kg
Matmenys: 246 mm × 0 mm × 189 mm

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Originally published in 1998, Soft Tissue Release: A Practical Handbook for Physical Therapists was the first ever book to be written on soft tissue release and its reputation as one of the most highly respected textbooks on the subject is as strong today as it was then. Now in its fourth edition, this latest version contains the most up to date information on the role of fascia and even more comprehensive anatomical imagery to illustrate the theory and techniques involved. Soft tissue release (STR) is an effective treatment approach designed to be easily integrated by any therapist working with pain, injury and movement dysfunction. Put simply, STR involves a 'lock and stretch' of tissue - but how exactly does it work, what is accepted as 'best practice' in terms of application, and how can it be used alongside other tools and techniques? In this highly practical guide, Mary Sanderson shares a comprehensive range of techniques she has found to be the most beneficial during her own successful career as a physical therapist and lecturer. Detailed chapters present the pre-requisite theory of how STR works, comprehensive advice on the treatment of over 100 individual muscles and specific guidance on how to modify techniques across different settings. Soft Tissue Release: A Practical Handbook for Physical Therapists is a complete reference guide for students embarking on clinical practice, therapists from all backgrounds wanting to understand more about pain management, or any individual wishing to harness the power of soft tissue release to treat their own pain.
Part 1: Theory;
Chapter 1: Introduction to Soft Tissue Release;
Chapter 2: STR - the Technique;
Chapter 3: Lower Limb;
Chapter 4: Trunk and Neck;
Chapter 5: Upper Limb;
Chapter 6: Applications of STR.

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