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Budget Whopper Eye Model


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Prekės kodas: 000-38
Svoris: 0,720 kg

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Klinikinė medicina · Oftalmologija · Kitos prekės



I'm an Optometrist and I was looking for an eyeball model to educate patients. What a waste of money this is. It's poorly constructed and uses very cheap parts that don't fit well together. The model is also too large to hold with one hand. None of the parts click in or stay in place. Find another one that's smaller and better constructed. I don't know how that other reviewer could have given it 4 stars. The Budget Whopper Eye Model is a highly detailed eye model designed to satisfy beginning students. The Whopper Eye Model dissects into seven parts that include: top section, vitreous body, bottom section, lens (2 parts), iris, cornea. This anatomical model is mounted on a stand and is 6-times enlarged. This multi-functional anatomical eye model is best used as an office or classroom display. The numerous anatomical structures featured in basic detail on this eye model also make it handy as an educational model for younger students or patients.Size: 5-1/2in. x 5-1/2in. x 6-1/4in


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