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Gavin Spickett

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy 4th Revised edition

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Prekės kodas: 9780198789529
Gavin Spickett
Oxford University Press
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US Letter
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This new edition of Clinical Immunology and Allergy is a practical and clinically based guide for clinicians and laboratory staff to aid diagnosis and management of immunological and allergic disease, and provides examples of the correct selection and interpretation of immunological tests for a wide range of conditions. Fully updated from the previous edition, with the addition of new diseases recently identified from the use of genetic testing, and novel biological therapies and autoantibody tests, this title covers the entire breadth of the field, with the information at your fingertips.

Split into two sections, the first covering individual diseases and allergies, with diagnosis and management strategies, and the second describing appropriate laboratory tests and their interpretation, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy is an invaluable reference text, and works as a succinct revision guide for the FRCPath in Immunology. Filled with cross-references to create a cohesive overview of a complex subject, and presented in concise bullet-points for detailed direction to the key facts, this handbook provides everything you need to help you in clinical practice.
Review from previous edition This is an excellent pocket reference for clinical immunology and allergy. The sections are arranged to allow for quick retrieval of key facts. It is small and convenient to carry...[ it] will be particularly helpful to students or physicians who want a quick, convenient resource to retrieve key facts in a broad range of topics related to this field. * Doody's Notes * This is a good pocket reference for trainees (medical students, residents, and fellows) undergoing training/rotation in clinical immunology and allergy. It presents the main relevant information in bulleted lists under each diagnosis commonly encountered in the clinical setting. * Patty Chi, Doodys book reviews

Symbols and abbreviations ix
Introduction xvii
Part 1

1 Primary immunodeficiency
3 (86)
2 Secondary immunodeficiency and other host defence syndromes
89 (40)
3 Allergic disease
129 (52)
4 Autoimmunity and the endocrine system
181 (20)
5 Autoimmunity affecting the nervous system
201 (16)
6 Autoimmunity associated with cardiac, respiratory, and renal disease
217 (16)
7 Autoimmunity in gastrointestinal disease
233 (12)
8 Autoimmunity in liver disease
245 (8)
9 Autoimmune haematological disorders
253 (10)
10 Autoimmune skin disorders
263 (10)
11 Autoimmune eye disease
273 (8)
12 Connective tissue disease
281 (46)
13 Vasculitis
327 (36)
14 Miscellaneous conditions, including autoinflammatory syndromes
363 (36)
15 Transplantation
399 (16)
16 Immunotherapy
415 (54)
Part 2

17 Immunochemistry
469 (42)
18 Autoantibodies
511 (66)
19 Allergy tests
577 (24)
20 Cellular investigations
601 (24)
21 Tissue typing
625 (12)
22 Quality and managerial issues
637 (28)
Index 665

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