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Mike Perry

Head, Neck and Dental Emergencies Second Edition

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Prekės kodas: 9780198779094
Mike Perry
Oxford University Press
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US Letter
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Head, Neck, and Dental Emergencies, Second Edition provides the reader with a practical approach to the diagnosis and management of all urgent or emergent problems that occur above the collar bones.

Emergency care must be simple and quick so this guide comprises short notes, diagrams, and photographs, with an emphasis on establishing the diagnosis while maintaining a high index of suspicion.

New features for this edition are aimed at assisting a rapid diagnosis. Chapters are symptom-based and structured around how the patients present. Quick-reference boxes at the start of each chapter list common presentations and their causes, followed by tips and tricks on what to look for and what questions to ask the patient. Fully comprehensive, this new edition also has two new chapters on 'The Nose' and 'The Throat'.
This book is for the non-specialist who may see problems in the head and neck. The aim is to help the reader develop a targeted approach in assessment and management. Such patients may be seen in the emergency department, in general practice, or on the ward. Because true ‘emergencies’ in the head and neck (i.e. a life- or sight-threatening condition) are few in number, a more broadly defined remit has been used, to cover urgent and potentially worrying problems which may present acutely. Generally speaking, patients do not present with a ready-made diagnosis, but rather with either a symptom located to an anatomical region (e.g. toothache, lump, or headache), or an obvious problem (e.g. nose bleed or injury). This is the starting point in each of the anatomically based chapters (‘Common presentations’ and ‘Common problems and their causes’). For each symptom there are a number of possible causes and these are listed. The next section in each chapter (‘Useful questions and what to look for’) lists the important diagnostic elements in relation to each symptom. The aim is to equip the reader with the necessary knowledge to enable them to quickly and accurately triage and diagnose a symptom or clinical problem. The remainder of each chapter details how to examine each site, useful investigations, and some notes on the conditions. Management and referral is also covered. This book is particularly helpful for those unfamiliar with ‘acute conditions’ of the head and neck and for those preparing for clinical examinations.

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