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Ian Greaves , Sir Keith Porter

Oxford Handbook of Pre-hospital Care 2nd Revised edition

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Prekės kodas: 9780198734949
Ian Greaves , Sir Keith Porter
Oxford University Press
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US Letter
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Fully updated for a second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Pre-hospital Care is the invaluable guide to providing high-quality care in a pre-hospital environment. Evidence-based and reflecting new developments in regulation and practice, this second edition is designed to provide key information for all immediate care practitioners, including doctors, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and community responders. The text has been cross-referenced with the Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee (JRCALC) handbook to ensure full clinical relevance. Reflecting the major advances in delivery of pre-hospital care, including the greater survival benefits for heart attacks and major trauma when delivering patients directly to higher levels of care, the evolution of the paramedic role into critical care paramedics, roadside rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia, and the introduction of mechanical chest compression devices, this new edition is the ideal companion for those involved in delivering pre-hospital care. It also links to relevant online databases and mobile apps that can assist with calculations, and contains key algorithms and formulae to ensure good care. The Oxford Handbook of Pre-hospital Care is the comprehensive quick-reference guide to all medical and trauma conditions regularly encountered in the immediate care setting.

Foreword v
Foreword vi
Preface to the second edition vii
Acknowledgements viii
Abbreviations xi
1 An approach to pre-hospital care
1 (52)
2 Acute medical and surgical problems
53 (98)
3 Trauma
151 (132)
4 Formulary
283 (60)
5 Management of the airway, analgesia, and anaesthesia
343 (26)
6 Poisoning
369 (90)
7 Acute psychiatric emergencies
459 (14)
8 Child health
473 (66)
9 The hostile environment
539 (24)
10 Major incident management and triage
563 (52)
11 Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear incidents
615 (44)
12 Emergency obstetrics, gynaecology, and care of the newborn
659 (40)
13 Patient rescue and transportation
699 (24)
Index 723

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