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Alastair Martin, Alastair Martin ,Keith Allman

Emergencies in Anaesthesia 3rd Revised edition

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Prekės kodas: 9780198758143
Alastair Martin, Alastair Martin ,Keith Allman
Oxford University Press
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US Letter
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The third edition of Emergencies in Anaesthesia is a practical, accessible guide to all emergency situations encountered during, and immediately following, anaesthesia. Re-structured to follow the ABCDE emergency approach, this handbook guides the clinician through what to do and when, in a format that can be used rapidly. In each chapter, topics are ordered alphabetically for ease of navigation and management is presented in a checklist format. Symbols are used to indicate clinical severity ranging from life-threatening to minor, and the book includes drug dosages, infusion regimes, and key algorithms for quick reference. Reflecting best practice, the third edition includes new frameworks for emergency management and new material on human factors.

1: Dr Simon J Mercer: Crisis Management and Human Factors 2: Professor Jerry Nolan and Dr. Craig Dunlop: Cardiovascular 3: Professor Tim Cook and Dr. Benjamin Walton: Respiratory 4: Dr. Jules Cranshaw and Professor Tim Cook: Airway 5: Dr. Daniel Lutman: Paediatrics 6: Dr. Mark Scrutton and Dr. Stephen Michael Kinsella: Obstetrics 7: Dr. Katharine Hunt and Dr. Manni Waraich: Neurology and Neurosurgery 8: Dr. James R. Bennett and Dr. Gerard Gould: Thoracics 9: Dr. Owen Davies: Regional Anaesthesia 10: Dr. Hannah Blanshard: Metabolic and Endocrine 11: Dr. Charly Gibson: Recovery Problems 12: Dr. Kath Sutherland and Dr. Neil Rasburn: Emergency Department Problems 13: Dr. Kim Gupta: Equipment Problems 14: Dr. John Isaac, Dr. Mark Stoneham, and Nerida Williams: Miscellaneous 15: Dr. Louise Cossey and Dr. Bruce McCormick: Practical Procedures

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