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Scott Watson, R. Watson, Ann Thompson

Pediatric Intensive Care

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Prekės kodas: 9780199918027
Scott Watson, R. Watson, Ann Thompson
Oxford University Press
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Matmenys: 203 mm × 15 mm × 128 mm

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Pediatric Intensive Care offers clinicians and trainees a concise, easy-to-carry resource on pediatric critical care medicine, designed for frequent and quick reference at the bedside, providing solutions to questions and situations encountered in practice. The book is sized to fit in a pocket and contains focused text, bulleted lists, tables, and figures. The book facilitates the delivery of critical care by a range of practitioners, from residents to generalists in settings where CCM expertise is not readily available, to intensivists.
The handbook provides to the needs of pediatric post graduates, practicing pediatricians working in PICU for a quick reference on evidence based management of critically ill children. * Rakesh Lodha, Indian Journal of Pediatrics *
Contributors ix
1 Resuscitation and Stabilization
1 (10)
Vinay Nadkarni
Robert M. Sutton
Robert A. Berg
2 Extracorporeal Life Support
11 (12)
Heidi J. Dalton
Mark Davidson
Peter P. Roeleveld
3 Transport of the Critically III Child
23 (10)
Kathryn Felmet
Richard Orr
4 Procedures
33 (16)
Sanjiv Pasala
Eylem Ocal
Stephen M. Schexnayder
5 Basic Pediatric Hemodynamic Monitoring
49 (12)
Jorge G. Sainz
Bradley P. Fuhrman
6 Respiratory Failure and Mechanical Ventilation
61 (18)
Jan Hau Lee
Ira M. Cheifetz
7 Cardiac Disease in Pediatric Intensive Care
79 (20)
Vamsi V. Yarlagadda
Ravi R. Thiagarajan
8 Pediatric Shock: Recognition and Management
99 (14)
Diana Pang
Joseph A. Carcillo
9 Neurocritical Care
113 (20)
Steven L. Shein
Robert S. B. Clark
10 Sedation and Analgesia
133 (16)
Iskra I. Ivanova
Lynn D. Martin
11 Fluids and Electrolytes
149 (12)
Desmond Bohn
12 Diagnosis and Management of Renal Disorders in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
161 (14)
Dana Y. Fuhrman
Michael L. Moritz
13 Hematology and Oncology
175 (18)
Philip C. Spinella
Jeffrey J. Bednarski
14 Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Emergencies
193 (16)
Renan A. Orellana
Jorge A. Coss-Bu
15 Infections in the Intensive Care Unit
209 (20)
Samina Afreen
Hector R. Wong
Marian G. Michaels
16 Endocrine Disorders in Pediatric Critical Care
229 (18)
Carmen L. Soto-Rivera
Michael S. D. Agus
17 Toxicological Emergencies
247 (14)
Sandra D. W. Buttram
Anne-Michelle Ruha
18 Pediatric Critical Care Pharmacology
261 (12)
Athena Zuppa
19 Pediatric Trauma
273 (12)
Joanna C. Lim
Catherine Goodhue
Elizabeth Cleek
Erik R. Barthel
Barbara Gaines
Jeffrey S. Upperman
20 Supportive and End-of-Life Care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
285 (14)
Kelly N. Michelson
Joel E. Frader
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