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Laura Willis

Professional Guide to Pathophysiology 4th edition

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Prekės kodas: 9781975107697
Laura Willis
Wolters Kluwer Health
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Stressed and confused about pathophysiology? Time to develop your mastery! The newly updated Professional Guide to Diseases, 11th Edition, is the go-to comprehensive guide that explains more than 600 disorders across all body systems—from causes, symptoms, and diagnosis to treatment and special considerations.

The ideal on-the-unit reference, certification exam review, or backup to classroom materials, this is the expert-at-your-side support that both new and experienced nurses cannot do without.

Empower your pathology knowledge with this foundational, irreplaceable reference:

NEW content on both normal physiology and disease states
NEW updates on rare diseases
Easy-to-follow template that makes finding vital information quick and easy
Illustrations, algorithms, text boxes, and tables that help reinforce pathophysiological processes and anatomy, demonstrating and clarifying difficult concepts
Offers current top-level findings on:
Foundational knowledge—normal cellular physiology, followed by the pathologic deviations of disease
Cancer, infection, and fluid and electrolytes
Genetics—cellular/DNA components and functions, as well as tests, treatments, and care considerations for genetic abnormalities
Diseases particular to each body system—chapters organized by body system
Less common disorders
Disease entriesoffering the pathophysiologic foundations behind focused assessments, with causes, signs and symptoms, complications, diagnostic tests, treatment, and special considerations

Expert guidance and practical insights on providing effective care for routine conditions, plus information on bioterrorism agents, and complementary and alternative therapies
Additional content on more than 50 life-threatening disorders

Concise, detailed explanations of all major diseases that reinforce and clarify classroom teachings
Easy-to-read, easy-to-retain information that translates easily from student text to must-have professional reference, offering students and new nurses the self-assurance to offer high-level care
Chapter features emphasizing important concepts and differences among patient populations, for assessments and treatments: Elderly Tip, Pediatric Tip, Clinical Alert, Life-Threatening Disorder, and Confirming Diagnosis

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