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Jennifer Bottomley, Carole B. Lewis

Clinical Approach to Geriatric Rehabilitation 4th Revised edition

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Prekės kodas: 9781630913274
Jennifer Bottomley, Carole B. Lewis
SLACK Incorporated
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The field of geriatric rehabilitation is constantly changing due to the discovery of new evidence-based evaluation and treatment strategies, as well as the continual support or refutation of older theories and practices. Now in its Fourth Edition, A Clinical Approach to Geriatric Rehabilitation has been updated to be at the forefront of these changes.

Drs. Jennifer M. Bottomley and Carole B. Lewis have compiled the plethora of available scientific research on geriatric populations and combined it with their years of actual clinical practice. Together this makes this text a complete evidence-based guide to the clinical care of geriatric patients and clients.

The first part of A Clinical Approach to Geriatric Rehabilitation, Fourth Edition tackles applied gerontological concepts, providing the general knowledge base necessary for treating geriatric patients. Topics in this section include patient evaluation, an exploration of nutritional needs, and age-related changes in physiology and function, as well as many other foundational areas.

In the second section, topics become more focused on patient care concepts like neurologic considerations, cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular considerations, and establishing community-based screening programs.

In the final section, chapters center on administration and management, including important subjects such as attitudes, ethics, and legal topics, as well as consultation and research.

New and updated in the Fourth Edition:

Pearls section for succinct highlights of the content within each chapter
The latest evidence-based practice interventions with complete references for further reading
Updated graphics, pictures, and diagrams to illustrate the content
Content summaries and streamlined text for enhanced readability
Updated case studies to exemplify clinical decision-making

Designed to provide valuable, real-life clinical knowledge, A Clinical Approach to Geriatric Rehabilitation, Fourth Edition gives physical therapists an evidence-based guide to the clinical aspects of rehabilitative care in older adult patients and clients.

Dedication v
Acknowledgments ix
About the Authors xi
Contributing Authors xiii
Preface xv
Part I Applied Gerontological Concepts
1 (282)
Chapter 1 Demographics of Aging
3 (14)
Chapter 2 Comparing and Contrasting the Theories of Aging
17 (20)
Chapter 3 Age-Related Changes in Physiology and Function
37 (16)
Chapter 4 Describing Psychosocial Aspects of Aging
53 (22)
Chapter 5 Pathological Manifestations of Aging
75 (36)
Chapter 6 Exploring Nutritional Needs
111 (22)
Chapter 7 Geriatric Pharmacology
133 (22)
J. Mark Trotter
Michelle Moffa-Trotter
Wendy K. Anemaet
Chapter 8 Principles and Practice of Geriatric Rehabilitation
155 (24)
Chapter 9 Patient Evaluation
179 (16)
Chapter 10 Functional Assessment
195 (26)
Chapter 11 Orthopedic Considerations
221 (62)
Part II Patient Care Concepts
283 (162)
Chapter 12 Neurologic Considerations
285 (60)
Chapter 13 Cardiopulmonary and Cardiovascular Considerations
345 (20)
Chapter 14 Integumentary Considerations
365 (40)
Chapter 15 Establishing Community-Based Screening Programs
405 (22)
Chapter 16 Communication
427 (18)
Part III Administration and Management
445 (56)
Chapter 17 Attitudes, Ethics, and Legal Topics in Gerontology
447 (16)
Chapter 18 Education and the Older Adult: Learning, Memory, and Intelligence
463 (16)
Chapter 19 Administration of Geriatric Services
479 (12)
Chapter 20 Consultation and Research
491 (10)
Financial Disclosures 501 (2)
Index 503

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