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Griffin P. Rodgers, Neal S. Young

Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Hematology 4th edition

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Prekės kodas: 9781496354006
Griffin P. Rodgers, Neal S. Young
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
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Visos knygos · Hematologija · Klinikinė medicina



Bridging the gap between science and clinical practice, The Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Hematology, Fourth Edition, provides concise, up-to-date coverage of “need to know” information on the diagnosis and treatment of blood and bone marrow disorders. Written by nationally recognized experts and senior fellows at the National Institutes of Health, and at leading research institutions throughout the United States, this essential pocket reference is logically organized by disease category and features a reader-friendly format that includes tables, algorithms, illustrations, and bulleted lists that highlight key information.

Discusses the pathophysiology, natural history, risk factors, diagnosis, management, and follow-up of common hematological diseases.
Contains new information on diagnosis, treatment and management of myelodysplastic and myeloproliferative disorders; leukemias and lymphomas; disorders of hemostasis and thrombosis. Features new diagnostic and treatment strategies, updated references, and revised information throughout.
Ideal for the student, resident, or fellow on a hematology or oncology service, as well as the internist, hospitalist, family practitioner, and pediatrician who sees patients with blood diseases.
Perfect as an everyday reference or for board review.

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This handbook, intended to fit in a lab coat pocket, is comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics on most of the common hematological diseases including myelodysplastic and myeloproliferative disorders, leukemias, and lymphomas, etc. The main emphasis is on having information at the fingertips that general providers and those in training will find useful. It is appropriate for medical students, residents, hematology/oncology fellows, internists, family practitioners, pediatricians, and, more broadly, anyone interested in gleaning concise information on the subject. This easy-to-use book is well conceived and very well organized such that in a few pages, readers can get all the information there is to learn about the practical aspects of the most common hematological diseases. The 28 chapters provide up-to-date information on a wide variety of topics that range from iron and vitamin deficiency, anemia, bone marrow failure syndromes, myeloproliferative disorders, leukemias, and lymphomas. The book also includes chapters on blood transfusion, hemochromatosis, and consultative hematology. Of note, it includes two very useful chapters on how to interpret standard hematological tests as well as one on the basic principles and clinical applications of flow cytometry. Where appropriate, there are illustrations and tables that make a topic easy to read and understand. Finally, each chapter is well documented with citations to relevant and current references in the literature to make this handbook a well-rounded companion. Written and edited by recognized experts along with senior fellows who have had experience in the clinic, this is an outstanding resource." Weighted Numerical Score: 100 - 5 Stars! Doodys Publishers' Club, June 2018

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