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Paul Leeson, Cristiana Monteiro, Daniel Augustine, Harald Becher

Echocardiography. Third Edition

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Prekės kodas: 9780198804161
Paul Leeson, Cristiana Monteiro, Daniel Augustine, Harald Becher
OUP Oxford
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US Letter
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Fully updated for its third edition, Echocardiography provides all of the essential information you need on echo acquisition, interpretation, and reporting in an easily-readable and concise format. Featuring over 400 full colour images, this resource also comes with online access to 155 video clips to clarify complex issues, making it an invaluable guide for both the experienced and trainee cardiologist who performs echocardiography as part of their practice.

Designed to align to international guidelines and help trainees undergoing accreditation or certification, including the BSE, EACVI, and ASE requirements, this handbook bridges the gap between entry-level texts and large textbooks, and is compact enough to carry around in clinical settings. It covers all echocardiography modalities, from acute echocardiography to transoesophageal and stress imaging. The third edition includes a simplified approach to the physics of ultrasound, a brand new
chapter on interventional echocardiography, and a streamlined navigation between basic and advanced techniques. The sections on diastolic function, heart failure, and congenital heart disease have been expanded, and over 100 new illustrations, images, and schematic diagrams have been added to simplify
images and anatomy for the reader.

Contributors xi
Symbols and abbreviations xv
Section 1

1 Ultrasound
3 (68)
2 Transthoracic examination
71 (56)
3 Transthoracic anatomy and pathology: Chambers and vessels
127 (160)
4 Transthoracic anatomy and pathology: Valves
287 (100)
5 Acute and critical care echocardiography
387 (32)
Section 2

6 Transoesophageal examination
419 (74)
7 Transoesophageal: Chambers and vessels
493 (50)
8 Transoesophageal: Valves
543 (58)
9 Contrast echocardiography
601 (42)
10 Stress echocardiography and coronary artery sonography
643 (54)
11 Interventional echocardiography
697 (46)
12 Congenital heart disease
743 (48)
13 Quality assurance, reporting, and normal ranges
791 (44)
References 835 (4)
Index 839

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