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Jaimie L Henry,Justin Bowra, Paul Atkinson, Russell E McLaughlin

Emergency Ultrasound Made Easy 3rd Revised edition

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Prekės kodas: 9780702081057
Jaimie L Henry,Justin Bowra, Paul Atkinson, Russell E McLaughlin
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The use of ultrasound (US) in emergency medicine has proved invaluable in answering very specific, time-critical questions, such as the presence of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, or of blood in the abdomen after trauma. Unlike other imaging modalities (e.g. CT scanning) it is a rapid technique that can be brought to the patient with ease. Increasingly, and especially in developed markets, ultrasound systems are being designed with a specific clinical application in mind. This book, Emergency Ultrasound Made Easy, is accessible and easy to use in an emergency. It is aimed mainly at specialists and trainees in emergency medicine, surgery and intensive care; but its broad scope (for example using ultrasound in the rapid diagnosis of DVT) makes it an invaluable addition to the library of any doctor with an interest in the technique, whether in primary care or the hospital setting. A pocket-sized and practical guide to the appropriate use of ultrasound in the emergency department. Designed to be used in an urgent situation (e.g. a shocked trauma patient). Written by team of international leading experts. The Third Edition will include over 200 videos featuring examples of ultrasound in clinical practice. A new chapter on the use of ultrasound in small anatomical structures such as the eyes and testes. A new chapter on Paediatric US.? The Biliary chapter will now include the Gastrointestinal tract (e.g. appendix, bowel obstruction). The chapter on Early pregnancy will be updated to include Transvaginal scanning. Nerve blocks will be updated to include Fascial plane blocks. The chapter on the Abdominal aorta will be updated to include aortic dissection. The instrumentation will be updated to include the new handheld Butterfly machine and its mechanism.
1 Introduction
1 (4)
Justin Bowra
Russell McLaughlin
Paul Atkinson
Jaimie Henry
2 How ultrasound works
5 (14)
Roslyn E. Bell
Russell McLaughlin
Bob Jarman
3 Abdominal aorta
19 (10)
Minh-Tu Duong
Jaimie Henry
4 Trauma and abdominal free fluid
29 (16)
Hein Lamprecht
Jaimie Henry
5 Lung and thorax
45 (16)
Kavish Chandra
Paul Atkinson
Vicki Noble
6 Focused cardiac ultrasound and shock protocols
61 (22)
Paul Atkinson
Robert Reardon
Conn Russell
7 Renal tract
83 (14)
James Rippey
Jaimie Henry
8 The biliary tree and the gastrointestinal tract
97 (22)
Kylie Baker
Adrian Goudie
Justin Bowra
9 Early pregnancy
119 (14)
Adrian Goudie
Anthony Joseph
Justin Bowra
10 Ultrasound-guided procedures
133 (22)
David Lewis
Mandy Peach
Jaimie Henry
11 Nerve blocks
155 (20)
Daniel Gaetani
Justin Bowra
Sanjay Ramrakha
12 Deep vein thrombosis
175 (14)
Niall Collum
Russell McLaughlin
Alistair Murray
13 Musculoskeletal and soft tissues
189 (18)
Cian McDermott
Russell McLaughlin
Niall Collum
14 Use of ultrasound for small anatomic structures
207 (18)
Robert Steven Suttie
Michael Woo
Paul Atkinson
15 Paediatric ultrasound
225 (16)
Adam O'Brien
Russ Horowitz
James W. Tsung
Justin Bowra
16 Emergency ultrasound in prehospital medicine
241 (6)
Andrew W. Kirkpatrick
John T. McManus
Alan Laverty
Russell McLaughlin
Appendix: Resources and further reading 247 (2)
Index 249

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